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Are You Looking to Grow Your Business, But Have Become the Bottleneck for Everything That Needs to Get Done?


Dear busy entrepreneur,

I know your pain. I’ve been exactly where you are.

The MVP. Doing all of the work in my business. Waking up early and going to bed late.

CEO, Head web developer, Director of Marketing, Software Engineer, Director of Biz Dev, ​Chief Financial Officer, Secretary and Chief Problem Solver

12-16 hour days were rewarded by more 12-16 hour work days.

When I took time off, ZERO progress was made in my business.​

If felt like I had to to be working 100% of the time, otherwise all of my KPI’s would drop.

It was too much ​pressure.

When I decided to start a business THIS wasn’t what I signed up for.

I wanted to be a CEO, not a worker doomed to a lifetime of 12 hour work days

Are You Tired of Being the Only Person that Get’s Anything Done In your Business?

If you take a day off, nothing gets done. If you take a vacation, your entire business halts to a stand still.

I was fed up with this. I had successfully created a JOB.​

“I had heard about this magical thing called outsourcing, but it was so shrouded in mystery​”

We’ve all heard the stories. About some internet wiz that set up some affiliate or consulting business and outsourced the work fulfillment for 10-20% of their revenue and retire to the beach to drink Mojito’s and catch some rays.

It was a scary unknown, but I was pushed to my limit.

I had to take the plunge and navigate the waters of the scary world called “outsourcing.”

​So I did…

I didn’t know WHAT to expect, but I didn’t expect THIS

I went and got some random guide on outsourcing work to the Philipines. You know, one of those 30 page ebooks that claims it has all of the answers in it?

I went ahead and took it’s advice, and went and posted my first job.

Applicants incoming, I had no idea who to hire or what to do with them once I hired them.

“I felt like I was blindfolded trying to hit a target 100 miles off.”​


I picked an applicant, almost at random, and our “work” relationship started.

I told him what I needed done in my business.

“I need you to fulfill orders.” Wait, I guess I need to explain what this is.

“You need to copy and paste the addresses into this excel sheet”​

Wait I guess I need to explain the importance of the addresses and where to find them.

And what if they mess up and people don’t get their orders?

*Sigh* This was going to take a while…​

6 Months In, I was working EVEN HARDER than I was Before

I had a few VA’s and it seemed like the madness would never stop

“I remember banging my fingers into the keyboard so hard re-explaining something over skype chat for the twentieth time I just said screw it I’ll do the task myself.”


Hearing the question over and over, and up late at night trying to answer questions from various tech teams was insanity.​

Hiring people was supposed to make my life easier, not harder.

I knew it was possible, but I was just doing it wrong.

But I refused to give up on the vision of​ having my business scale and run smoothly

I had invested too much into it already​

So I Set out To Test, Document and Develop the Ideal Step-by-Step System to Scale an Online Business By Outsourcing

But I refused to give up on the vision of​ having my business scale and run smoothly

To be honest, I did this mostly for selfish reasons

I wanted to have my business run smoothly while I relaxed

I was so tired of the same old system of doing all of the work myself.

So I hunkered down, and went through all of the trial and error

I interviewed my VA’s, I interviewed other people that I knew who were outsourcing, I bought and studied every book that I could find on the subject…

It took a lot of time

“I started to realize that no source that I was learning from got it quite right”

So I had to improvise and figure a lot of stuff out on my own. Namely mastering creating processes and tracking ROI back to tasks that you have your workers do

After YEARS of doing this, I had finally come across a system that works.

I continued to groom it and refine, as it become more and more effective, and my profits per employee rose higher and higher.

And today, I’m sharing that exact framework with you


Introducing The Scale By Outsourcing Mastery Training Program

Skip the Headache, Lost time and Money and Outsource Effectively from Day 1

The ONLY Guide on Outsourcing and Scaling Your Business You’ll Ever Need


I’m sure you’ve seen some guides here and there that claim to help you with outsourcing.

I know, I’ve gotten them before too. A lot of them have a nugget or 2 of good info in them

But as I discovered, most other guides covered AT BEST 10% of what you need to successfully outsource.​

I’ve never seen one that covers even close to all that you need.

Because in order to outsource effectively, the actual act of going to a marketplace website and paying someone is a very small part of the puzzle​

What you have set up before, and do after is what counts


“I have bought countless courses on Outsourcing, but never felt I had enough confidence to actually go and start hiring VA’s. SBO’s program is HANDS DOWN the best course on outsourcing I’ve ever been through! Not only has using Mike’s system to create processes made me more productive, I’m also getting more out of my in-house team. Not to mention I’ve been able to start outsourcing high value tasks for very low costs. The ROI of this course has just been astronomical. Better cashflow, less headache, and more time to live life!”

~ Travis Levell
CEO, Titan Marketing Inc.

Do you Need to Expand Skillsets, but Don’t Know How to Hire or Train the Right People?


For instance maybe your web development skills lack, and you really need to find someone good to plug in to your team to create some great websites and applications.

Or maybe you need a rock star at advertising because you’re reached the limits of your capabilities

​Maybe you need a great content creator

Whatever your needs are, there are skilled freelancers out there that can get the job done.

This is an EXTREMELY important part of scaling by outsourcing, because you as the entrepreneur won’t always be a master at all skillsets.

Meaning that you won’t be able to train a VA on how to do it.

We’ll show you how to go find the right skilled freelancers, and plug them into your organization seamlessly.

Do You Need Someone Who Can Manage Projects For You from Start to Finish?

One of the biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs make is thinking that they can only hire VA’s. As in Virtual Assistants.

But over the years I’ve unlocked the secrets of a whole different beast

Virtual Managers

These are truly some of the most important people you can work with, because you simply give them a goal and plan, and they can manage your team for you to make sure that you reach that goal

In other words, these are the people that can continue to drive your business forward without your attention

AKA the act of you going to the beach while your business runs itself and profits are deposited into your bank account

I also teach my VM’s the framework of Automatic Process Creation.

Automatic Process Creation Advances Your Business without Your Attention

Meaning that you can hire a professional skilled freelancer, and your VM will track their work and discover what works and what doesn’t, and create a process in your own company for it.

This allows simple, straightforward skillset cloning

Meaning that whatever a skilled freelancer knows, can soon become a standard practice and you can train your whole team how to do it, driving insane amounts of ROI.

Even you will learn new skills by putting this practice into play

Do You Need to Fire Yourself from Time Consuming Jobs that You’re Not Good At?

There are some jobs that you can fully have a Virtual Assistant handle, and some departments that you can have a Virtual Manager handle with VA’s beneath them.

Either way, we will help you identify the tasks in your organization that you are worst at, so you can immediately hire someone who is better than you at that task.

Second, we focus on identifying low value tasks that you spend too much time on, and show you where you could better spend the bulk of your time for better ROI

For instance let’s say your time, as the entrepreneur, is worth an average of $100 per hour to your company. Well there’s always tasks that are worth $1000 and hour, and tasks worth $10 an hour, and you are averaging your time to $100.

Don’t Get Caught Doing $10/hour Tasks

But if you were to eliminate the $10 tasks that you focus on, your time will suddenly become many times more valuable, bringing in more money for your company and better ROI for your hires.


Do You Want to Scale Your Business While Still Being Able to Take Time Off?

Most people don’t know how to make the people that they hire productive for their business, meaning that they lose money for your business

But with the right processes, I’ve literally found that you can make the average employee 5X more productive than plugging in an employee without a process.

This become vital for your success, because it all comes down to a simple equation.​

That equation is Cost per employee (CPE) – Revenue per employee (RPE) = ROI

And most people hire employees with a negative ROI right from the get go.

Their equation looks like this


Now take my system, and plug in the SAME EXACT employee with 5X the productivity and your equation


In the first scenario you fail.

In the second scenario, you profit, are able to hire more, and scale.

Do you see the importance of this?


Do You Want to Create and Automate Processes that Make You More Money While Saving You Time?

Plain and simple – when you have a functioning team for your business the fact of the matter is you don’t have to be present 100% of the time to make sure your business succeeds

The most rewarding thing about building a properly outsourced team is to be out to dinner and to get a notification of sales made without your attention

Or to be on a vacation and coming back refreshed to a business that is doing better than before you left it

Or to fully outsource an entire business and sell it as a package for a big payoff

All of this is possible if you learn my proven framework on outsourcing and building teams​


“Scale By Outsourcing has been a real tangible benefit to me, in so many ways. Right from the beginning Scale By Outsourcing got me on the right mindset and track. Packed full of insights into the issues that I was facing, issues that were holding me back and slowing down business growth, it presented solutions that worked. Solutions and tool sets I was able to implement immediately and effectively. Even better, I was able go through the program at my own pace and received checkins from Mike to keep me focused on executing. Just the right mindset alone helped me fast track my plans to leverage online teams in Asia to level up. Scale By Outsourcing revealed to me how I could tap in to existing resources that were laying dormant and that I was under utilising. I recommend Scale By Outsourcing to any current business owner looking to get to the next level. In fact I say get started today, you’re not going to regret it. Scale By Outsourcing is a true value add to both myself and my business”

~ Michael Eagleton
Managing Director, Shenzhen XinShunAo Ecommerce Co

Here Are Just a Few Things You Should Be Outsourcing

Web Design

Web development

App Development

Client Outreach and Lead Gen

Social Media Marketing



Project Management (with Virtual Managers)

Content Creation and Distribution

Market Research

Customer Support

Product Fulfillment and Logistics

What’s Inside The Program

It’s everything you expected, and so much more.

Module 1: Your Foundation + Creating Your Virtual Office

Learn the tools and systems we use to scale our businesses with minimal hassle

It starts with you: Your business is an exstension of you, and you need to learn how to make your tasks into processes before you can hire them out. We teach you exactly how to do that.​

Many complain they can’t find the right people on these online job platforms, but most of the time it is because of the way you prepare for them to work for you.

We dive into getting a complete package together to show them “who’s boss” and cut through the B.S. that most of us go through when hiring online.

Spending the time building the foundation in this module will ensure you build a strong house.

Module 2: Setting Up Your Virtual Office

Learn where to hire the right people for the right tasks. There’s no one size fits all place, but with our decades of experience, we know where to find the right people for the jobs you need done.

How to wisely spend your dollars (most people waste at least $5K when first hiring remote staff by making beginner mistakes)

Testing new hires – Learn the simple, straightforward process we use to test a new hire and determine whether or not they’ll be good for the job in a few days, rather than months via traditional methods​

Module 3: Onboarding New Hires Like a Boss

Setting the right first impression is mission critical. In this module we dive into how to get the new team member prepped and ready for their work.

From contracts to handling payments and other HR issues, we sort these out from the get go. Prove to your team that you are on top of your game and earn their respect. Image is critical to ensure that the online team knows you how to manage them, and doing the on boarding correct will pay you dividends in the long term.

Module 4 – Manage The Ship And Keep It On Track

Don’t fall victim to having your team leave the Upwork clock running and draining your bank account. Here we tell you what are the right ways to maintain your staff.

Understand what tasks they are doing, keeping a daily eye on what is happening, and ensuring the “ship” is going in the right direction. While you will do less of the daily “grind” – you now need to know the systems to keep your team in “check” and running the right processes.

We break down daily work journals, weekly update reports, checkins, and KPIs to ensure your “dashboard” of your ship is fully optimized so you can sit back and enjoy the benefits.

Module 5 – Scaling and Advanced Automation

For the true outsourcing geeks, once you complete the four core modules, you can run with the “big boys”. Here we get a bit technical with how to integrate multiple work flows and systems.

If you are curious on the future of automation and humans together, we will be growing this module alongside you.Plus, what does one do once they have successfully outsourced and optimized?

Feel free to do what you wish – but here we give you some strategic suggestions to wet your appetite.

Module 6 – Case Studies to Put It All Together

Watch these in action. We take a series of case studies to put action where the theory is.

We will regularly take real live case studies from people in the SBO community and sharing them in this module.

Engage, connect, and create long term relationships.

Learn How to Do It All in Our Simple, In depth, and Easy to Follow Training Course


About is just a small preview of what you will learn by getting access to the SBO Mastery Training Program


“Mike is a content machine. I have seen firsthand his presentations at my meetups on how he leverages his online team and systems to create a solid flow of quality content. As part of his new Scale By Outsourcing program I am able to execute on those tactics and strategies for my own business. Mike is the guy to go to for growing and scaling your online team and Scale By Outsourcing is a solid way to plug these strategies into your growing empire.”

~ Zack Franklin
CEO of AMZ Kung Fu

We’re Teaching You How to:

  • Scale Your business using effective outsourcing techniques
  • Hire the best talent for the best prices
  • Become an effective remote team manager
  • All of the tools and practices you need to set up your online office with the least hassle
  • How to vent talent to guarantee you’re going to have the best workers
  • How to hire additional managers to manage your projects for you with your other remote workers
  • How to find effective talent for as low as $500/mo full time

Get Instant Access to the SBO Course

One Payment of $997 $797



Our number one job is to get you positive ROI. The cost of this course is peanuts compared to how much you’ll save by effectively hiring and outsourcing, and pales in comparison to how much your business will make by scaling. But if for any reason you are not able to take our material and effectively apply it to your business, we are here to coach you and help you get through it. If nothing works, we’ll gladly refund you your money. We only want to help people grow their business, and if it doesn’t work then we don’t want your money!


“Mike helped get our company up to speed with the power of managing an online team. We moved from a more internal, fixed office style to a more flexible and hybrid online tool and teamwork infrastructure. His experience and in the trenches experience for his own company as well as ours and many others are reasons why I recommend people to his program Scale By Outsourcing”

~ Nora Wilson
COO of Gigabud Limited

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